DriftFotos front pages

The first DriftFotos front page opens with a great shot of Forest Wang at the very first NOPI drift. The thing that I remember the most about this event was how hot it was. This is also one of my favorite front pages because it just looks great. I still was not sure what kind of style I was going to go with so I still had the date and the text was not touching Forests car.

I know what you are thinking. What a shitty shot. Well to this day I never felt comfortable shooting drifting on the streets of Long Beach. Its always way too over crowded and there are always 4 guys sharing holes some with cell phone cameras. I was still experimenting with the front page at this point.

The Gran Prix is much more fun to shoot. Lots of room to move around and the track is much longer. Also from here on out I just put the year of the event because I thought the date looked too ugly.

Going to South Africa with Adam Matthews from Eibach was one of the best trips ive ever taken in my life. I spent 3 weeks in paradise.

The first and last Drift Buffet comp that I shot on the brutal Orange Show course. Jumping your car and ruining your suspension was part of the course.

I went to quite a bit of these but this was the last one I ever went to. This is where I met Justin Pawlak and his Plasma cutter FC RX-7.

The first ZipTied All Star Bash was one of the more epic star studded events that I have been to. Lots of big names came out to support the local Southern California drift scene.

I never thought I would need to use my trucks A/C at 2am in the morning till this event.

Chris' 350z is the only car that has appeared twice on the front pages of Driftfotos. I was mostly lazy after my first Sonoma event. It would be a shame if Formula D dropped this track.

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For some reason I never fixed the mistake I made on this front page with Pat and his newly painted S14.

This was one of my most memorable trips to Japan. Most of you who know me know that I am a huge Nissan fan. And to be one of the first to lay eyes on the GT-R was an honor.

This was the second World Drift Series China event that I covered. I got my camera smashed and hilarity ensued. I also go the Chinese government to buy me a new one.

This is the last real D1GP event I got to cover.

This is the only DriftFotos front page featuring a two wheeled vehicle. I figured it was appropriate since Ross WAS drifting. Notice Ross has a very fresh tattoo on his leg. After this front page I tried to add the year to the title as little as possible.

This is the beginning of my coverage of the Genesis Coupe. I was hired by GenCoupe.com to cover the release at the New York Auto Show.

From this front page on I decided the text should not touch the car(s) in the photo.

The Gran Prix is always one of my favorite events to cover. What was I thinking when I made this front page? You can barely see the text!

I am always grateful for the local support I get at these Top Drift events.

Two red cars in a row? What was I thinking? Well they are both big supporters.

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If you guys have seen my business card then you have seen this photo of Justin.

My 3rd year at World Drift Series. This time I did not get my camera smashed.

This is my favorite front page. The fires in LA helped produce a great reddish color in the sky. Although it was kind of a lackluster event. Not many people showed up and there were just as many media as fans.

This is my second favorite front page. Only because Mt. Fuji is in the back.

This was a fun shoot. I got fastest Journalist at the auto-x.

This is the first event where I used my 600mm lens. I just wanted to get shots like this. But only a few came out because of heat distortion among other things.

This will probably have to be my 3rd favorite front page.

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It really is too bad that D1 USA is not around anymore. I loved this event. It was run very poorly though. The crowd did not know what was going on half the time. Probably because they were using something called the "drift box"

This was one of the wetter events I have ever been too.

If you are wondering the answer is NO! I don't have a crush on Tommy Roberts.

Shooting rally in a stadium was fun.

I drove up to Seattle with my partner in crime Alison Merion. 22 hours in the same car almost drove us both crazy.

This was one of my favorite events. The schedule was weird because it was stretched out over 3 days. But then I ended up with shots like this and I just forgot about everything else.

My 4th year at World Drift Series China. What an epic event. I was not sure what to use for the front page. I did not take any action shots expect these when I was hanging on for dear life.

A suprise front page. I think Mike knows why he ended up here.

Redline is something that I definitely want to concentrate my efforts on this year.

Its too bad Formula D does not want to have events like this anymore at Irwindale. I had lots of fun shooting new cars.

This is the only Driftfotos front page that never made it to the home page. I figured the event was not big enough for an update.

All photos are copyrighted 2010 by Larry Chen, all rights reserved.